Renters Insurance

Many renters mistakenly assume that their landlord's insurance will cover them if disaster strikes. Unfortunately, that is not true. The landlord may insure the structure you're living in, but protecting your belongings is up to you. Your tenant policy may also offer coverage to include any items stolen from your vehicle.

What does renters insurance cover?

The typical renters policy includes the following coverage options:

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage helps protect your personal belongings such as appliances, furniture, clothing and computer equipment.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage typically provides your for your legal defense in the event of a lawsuit. It also helps pay court judgements against you.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical Payments coverage helps pay medical expenses should someone get injured in your property. It also covers injuries caused by a member of your family (including your pet) regardless of where the accident happens.

Coverage for Loss of Use

If you can't stay in your rental property due to a covered incident, Loss of Use Coverage helps pay for your temporary living expenses. For example, if you your apartment must be repaired after a kitchen fire in the unit next door, this coverage will help you pay for a hotel stay.

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